Create a new Webhook

Webhooks of a model are created by mapping of fields to values.

POST /restapi/1.0/webhooks?vals={values_for_the_object's_fields}


POST /restapi/1.0/webhooks?vals={'name':'Delivery Order Updation','model':'stock.picking','kind':'on_write','address':'','format':'json','language':'en_US','condition':[('state', '=', 'done'), ('picking_type_id.code', '=', 'outgoing')]} HTTP/1.1
Host: <your Odoo server url>


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

  'webhook': {
      'id': 20,
      'name': 'Delivery Order Updation',
      'model': 'stock.picking',
      'kind': 'on_write',
      'address': '',
      'format': 'json',
      'language': 'en_US',
      'fields': [],
      'condition': [('state', '=', 'done'), ('picking_type_id.code', '=', 'outgoing')],
      'create_date': '2017-11-28 15:10:36',
      'write_date': '2017-11-28 15:10:36'
Query Parameters:
  • vals – values for the object’s fields, as a dictionary:: {'field_name': field_value, ...} see write() for details.
Request Headers:
  • Accept – the response content type depends on Accept header
  • Authorization – The OAuth protocol parameters to authenticate.
Response Headers:
Status Codes: